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What is pam_ibmdb2

pam_ibmdb2 is a PAM module for IBM DB2 that allows people to login to PAM aware applications by authenticating to an IBM DB2 database.


  • user authentication:
    • md5
      • normal md5 hash (32 chars as in php)
      • seeded md5 value (as generated with Apache's htpasswd utility or as in /etc/shadow)
    • crypt
    • plain text
  • if passwords are encrypted, the validation process checks the kind of encryption method

If you do have some ideas what features the module should have, please let me know via the Feature Request Tracker.

Requirements: IBM DB2

next release

Planned release date: since my work has been pretty stressy over the last months the planned release date had to be postponed to middle of August 2005



Documentation is not yet available. As soon as there is one, you will find it in the download section.


Q: Which versions of DB2 are supported?
A: All DB2 Universal Database versions currently supported by IBM. I've tested the module with DB2 UDB v8.1 and DB2 UDB v8.2. Older versions should work aswell.

Q: What platforms are supported?
A: All POSIX platforms.

Q: How do I get support?
A: Please submit support requests at the Support Request Tracker (hosted by sourceforge).

Q: How do I submit bugs?
A: Please submit bugs at the Bug Tracker (hosted by sourceforge).

Q: How do I submit a feature request?
A: Please submit feature requests at the Feature Request Tracker (hosted by sourceforge).


Project info @ sourceforge

Project activity summary:

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If you want to read (and submit) a support request
Visit the pam_ibmdb2 Support Tracker.
If you want to submit a feature request
Visit the pam_ibmdb2 Feature Request Tracker.
If you want to submit a bug
Visit the pam_ibmdb2 Bug Tracker.

pam_ibmdb2 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek
July 16 2005